1967 AMC Rebel hub cap in nice used condition. Only have one. Asking $15.00

100's of wheel covers, hub caps and trim rings available, just ask! Prices vary.

1954-55 Rambler hub caps. Nice used condition with no damage. Asking $10.00 ea.

Late 50's or early 60's VW hub caps. These can be used on Beetle's & Buses. Top two have minor damage that may be able to be worked out? Asking $15.00 ea.

1956 Packard fender skirts. Nice used condition just needing sanded down and painted to match your car. Asking $75.00

1940's Willys Jeep manifold gasket for the 4 cylinder engine. This is a N.O.S. Jeep part and I have two of them. Asking $3.00 ea. 

SOLD parts:

1968 Rebel am radio. I think it was working when I removed it but that was many years ago? Missing one button and the station lens as you see. Asking $15.00

2000's KIA wheels & wheel covers. I have a complete set of new take offs in like new condition. Asking $100.00 for the set.

1970-71 AMC Hornet, Gremlin, Rebel & Matador wheel covers. I only have the three in nice used condition. Asking $10.00 ea.

1956 Packard washer system. May fit other years  I was told the jar is not correct as the mounting bracket was cut and a piece of wood installed on the bottom to extend it plus screws are at the max. Must have wanted more fluid availability?Nice used condition. Asking $75.00

1952-1954 Nash 4 door sedan. Mostly just a shell that came in but if there is something you need let me know and I will check it out  for you?

See something you like? Contact Carl at carlbige@comcast.net and I'll fix you up!

SOLD parts. Upper windshield trim, air cleaner, kick panels.

1960's AMC either Jeep or Rambler gear shift knob. I'm not sure what it fits but it is N.O.S. from AMC. If it looks like something you want I'm asking $8.00

1954 Packard Clipper 4 door sedan. We are parting this car out so let me know what you need and I'll check the parts and get back to you with a price.

1950's Studebaker air cleaner. I'm not sure the exact year application but if you have one of these cars you will know if it fits. Good original condition for a driver or nice unit to restore for show. I have 2 available in equil condition. Asking $50.00 ea.

SOLD parts. Motor & transmission, inside vents.

1958 or 59 Rambler Ambassador fin molding for the right side. I might have the left as well but could not locate it when going through my stuff? Nice used condition with no damage. Asking $10.00

1968-74 VW gas pedal. Nice used condition. Asking $10.00

SOLD parts.

1956 Studebaker Champion 4 door sedan. We are parting this car out so contact with your needs and we will check condition of parts and get back to you with a price. 

1961 Rambler Classic 4 dr sedan  with a 6 cyl. automatic. We are parting this car out so contact with needs and we will check condition of the item and get back with a price.

1964-69 Rambler American door handles. Nice used condition with no pits just some minor checking in the chrome. Perfect for a driver or very good cores to re-chrome for show! Asking $20.00 ea.

SOLD parts.

1958-60 Rambler hub caps. Lower left one has dents, they all need a good cleaning. Asking $35.00 for the set.

1950's Horns. The two on the left are marked 6 volt the one on the right looks like Mopar not sure what the left two are off of? Did not check them to see if they work. Asking $15.00 ea.

1960-62 Rambler wheel cover. I only have the one in nice used condition with no damage. Asking $15.00

1964-65 Rambler American headlamp bezels. Very nice used condition just needing polished up and some paint detailing to be ready for show! No damage and you just don't find them this straight on a parts car! Asking $45.00 ea.

1962 Rambler Ambassador tail & back up light lenses. This is in very nice used condition. No stress cracks and I polished up the chrome strip after picture was taken and it turned out very nice! Early take off just out of many years of storage.  Asking $25.00

1950's glass marker light lens. I think they call these the Bee Hive lens? Very nice condition! Asking $5.00

1951 Kaiser We are parting this car out so contact with your needs and we will check parts condition and get back to you with a price.